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Many people can’t do without their “fixed spot” in the house. It’s part of everyday organisation: a place where keys, glasses or mobile phones can be reliably found. VICTOR FOXTROT has dedicated a small product line to this routine. Point of Interest is the name of the small trays made of thin, folded steel, which are available in four different sizes. With POI, everything finds its suitable little box, whether it’s jewellery, a handful of paper clips, papers or a tangle of unravelled cables. The POIs can be arranged next to each other, combined with each other. Each POI tray is numbered and unique: even the first tray produced received a small brass plaque as a counting mark – reminiscent of the analogue times of archiving. The sorting assistants are available in eleven shades and can also be fitted with a soft insert made of vegetable-tanned leather. Designed and manufactured in Hamburg.


Powder coated steel


Blood Orange, Pink, Yellow, White Grey, Dove Blue, Ocean Blue, Sage Green, Dark Green, Navy, Black


S: Height: 3 cm, Lenght: 11,5 cm, Width: 11,5 cm
M: Height: 3 cm, Lenght: 11,5 cm, Width: 23 cm
L: Height: 3 cm, Lenght: 23 cm, Width: 34,5 cm
XL: Height: 3 cm, Lenght: 34,5 cm, Width: 34,5 cm


Brass plaque as counting mark

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approx. 7-9 weeks

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When a detail becomes the essential, then something special is created. This is one of the guiding principles of Florian Vogel, who founded the label Victor Foxtrot furniture & lighting in 2012. The products of Victor Foxtrot impress with clear forms and craftsmanship. They not infrequently arise from coincidences or from the material. Materials that tell their own story over the years with their patina.

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