In its own workshops, Schramm has been manufacturing everything for perfect sleep in the fourth generation. In 1923, Karl Schramm founded an upholstery and saddlery, and in 1959, Karl Junior took over the workshops, specializing in the production of high-quality mattresses and sub-mattresses. All hand-sewn. Without glue, without toxins. Processed only from natural materials in pure craftsmanship. Their centerpiece, the pocket spring—known as Boxspring in English. Inserted lengthwise into the mattress, the springs provide optimal pressure distribution while lying.

This led to the creation of their own Boxspring bed designs with fully integrated Schramm two-mattress systems. Own patents, such as the Shoulder Reception (1990), the Secondary Contour Adjustment S.C.A. (2003), or the Three-Mattress System of GRAND CRU (2011), demonstrate the tireless pursuit of comprehensive sleep comfort through continuous development.

Today, around 180 employees work in the workshops under the leadership of Axel Schramm. Their uncompromising care contributed to the fact that the traditional family business was awarded the "Brands of the Century" award. For 90 years, Schramm has presented itself with exceptional brand presence in the national and international markets. And, of course, at Der neue Beckmann in Hamburg, right in the heart of Eppendorf in a beautiful location.

The Young Generation: Pure Beds

Clear design in four lines: CALM, CHILL, LOFT, and CUBE.

With beautifully quilted covers and fine details that make PUREBEDS unmistakable. Featuring the original Schramm two-mattress system. It consists of a highly elastic, flexible upper mattress and a stable and powerfully responsive sub-mattress. Both with handcrafted pocket spring cores. Breathable padding materials allow air to circulate permanently in all directions.

A perfect interplay of sleeping comfort and design: at Der neue Beckmann in Hamburg.

The bed as a personal masterpiece: Origins Base & Gala

The headboards, panel shapes, valances, and feet are individually combinable. Available as single and double bed options with or without motorized adjustment and storage compartment.

BASIS forms a constructive unit with its bed frame and the SCHRAMM sleep system. The suspension of the two-mattress system is installed slightly recessed. This creates a padded shell in which the upper mattress rests freely and flush on the lower mattress.

GALA is the modular concept that stands for simplicity, interchangeability, and almost infinite variety. The SCHRAMM sleep system is inserted into the panel frame, which is manufactured in two different heights and three different thicknesses, each in a textile variant or in wood or lacquer.

Sebastian Herkner: The new designer for Schramm Workshops!

After the first design, CALM, Sebastian Herkner has now also designed a bed for the ORIGINS COMPLETE series. The bed FOLD, with two large adjustable back cushions, invites you to cozy hours and offers various seating options, for example, to comfortably read a book or watch TV.

Following his CALM bed, Sebastian Herkner has now also designed a bed for our ORIGINS COMPLETE collection. With its two adjustable cushions, our FOLD bed invites you to cozy hours with a book and a cup of tea. Those who set their phone to airplane mode before falling asleep can enjoy an undisturbed, relaxed night's sleep on a mattress perfectly tailored to the body.

Even more beautiful is that the adjustable headboard can be easily and continuously moved by hand. FOLD – a wonderfully comfortable bed from the ORIGINS COMPLETE series. Coming soon to be seen at Der neue Beckmann in Hamburg in the Schramm Beds department.

What makes beds from the Schramm brand unique

Natural materials such as silk, linen, cotton, and cashmere are expertly crafted into premium box spring beds. Watch the video from the Dreamfactory, the Schramm workshops.

Some reliable features:

  • Handmade in Germany
  • Masterful craftsmanship
  • Only selected natural materials, without glue, without toxins
  • Ecologically sustainable
  • Globally unique pocket spring mattresses
  • Patented good sleep
  • Individual dealer advice
  • Premium box spring beds

The Schramm Beds exhibition at Klosterstern in Hamburg. There will be no more beautiful place in the old apartment to test Schramm Beds in Hamburg. Convince yourself by visiting Der neue Beckmann.