A 'yes' to USM Haller is an investment for life. For permanence through flexibility. Because the furniture system can be adapted to every life situation and accordingly modified. The work table becomes a dining table, the reception desk becomes a sideboard, the filing cabinet becomes a bookshelf...

What remains is the idea. It originated from Fritz Haller's architectural design for the construction of the new USM production and administration buildings in 1962 and from Paul Schärer's ingenious idea for the spherical connecting piece of the jointly designed furniture elements. There was no suitable furnishing for the company, founded in 1885 by the namesake Ulrich Schärer in Münsingen near Bern as a blacksmith and locksmith shop, and now producing every second door and window fitting in Switzerland. The solution lay in the modular principle. Both for the buildings and for the furnishings.

The USM Haller furniture system, originally intended for in-house use, went into production in 1969 and has since captivated private customers as well as corporate planners and freelancers alike. After furnishing Rothschild Bank in Paris with 600 workstations, orders followed from around the world. It stands in doctor's offices, lofts, and the French National Library. The MoMA New York not only included the USM Haller system in its permanent collection but also equipped its offices with it.

Der neue Beckmann in Hamburg showcases how well the modular USM Haller furniture suits individual living and working spaces of the 21st century through selected examples.

Home Office Secretary

The multitasker. Ready, organized, space-saving, tidy, and flexible, this secretary becomes the perfect assistant. Closed, the furniture looks like a classic chest of drawers. Open it up, and it turns into a home office.

The upper flap door provides a surface for a laptop or tablet. The compartment has a cable cutout in the back. The two compartments below ensure order in this beautiful workspace, which can also be lockable if desired. In white, gray, black, yellow, or red. In Hamburg, at Der neue Beckmann, the Home Office Secretary is available in the quick delivery program and can be delivered within 10 working days.


TV/Hi-Fi furniture with dimmable light

From the USM Haller E-Series, designed for wireless power supply. Power is supplied through a power supply unit under the floor, then it flows invisibly through e-spheres, e-tubes, and e-connectors to where power is needed. USB chargers or light sources can be plugged into predefined recesses.

For example, for the dimmable light in the USM Haller TV/Hi-Fi furniture. With its backward-facing lights, it creates the right atmosphere for a relaxed TV evening. So that nothing distracts from it, devices or the film collection can be stored behind the flap door.


For purists. For working, presenting, discussing – sitting or standing. The continuously height-adjustable desk raises and lowers without any power consumption. Thus, KITOS offers the simplest, fastest, and most efficient height adjustment as the ideal solution for any location.

If necessary, the fold-down tray allows for easy and quick wiring.

Feel free to try the power-free desk lifting yourself – at Der neue Beckmann in Hamburg, work is done on the KITOS M, with an easy-to-maintain, grippy surface in Linoleum Charcoal.

What makes furniture from USM Haller unique

The globe – the 25mm small ball-and-socket joint is the heart of the USM Haller furniture system. Since its patenting, more than 20 million USM Haller balls have been sold in 40 countries around the world. For over 50 years, flexibility, durability, and sustainability have been the core values of the USM Haller brand, whose furniture system was designed for change.

Some reliable features:

  • Form follows you
  • Infinitely combinable
  • Flexible
  • Sustainable
  • Value-preserving
  • Swiss precision work
  • Timeless design
  • Museum of Modern Art, New York
  • Wallpaper Design Award

In our modern world, the home office is a natural part of work life – and an aesthetic environment is not only a matter of style but also of well-being and motivation. Der neue Beckmann brings more quality to your home office and your life with furniture from USM. Visit us in Hamburg.