Do you look forward to going to the office every morning? This may be because a perfectly furnished workspace is waiting for you. With everything a modern office provides to help employees manage tasks efficiently, drive the company forward, foster creativity, work agilely, place new products in the market, coordinate human resources, or allocate budgets for the next year.

Reduced, timeless, clear – and high-quality, according to our interior designer Pia Maelicke, that's how an office space should be. An office is more than just a space – it is the centerpiece of a company's corporate identity. Here, identity becomes tangible, both for dedicated employees and valued customers.

The quality and excellence of the furnishings also serve as ambassadors for the brand itself. High-quality design motivates teams to achieve outstanding performance, says Pia Maelicke. It conveys a sense of appreciation to each individual, whether in the work areas, relaxation zones, the kitchen, or innovative open-space areas.

The more seamlessly the corporate identity flows into the architecture – be it through colors, surfaces, or materials – the more the office reflects the internal and external values of the company.

For a company in Schleswig-Holstein that manufactures ship components, we had the opportunity to furnish the offices. The interior design mirrors the colors of the corporate identity, as well as the materiality and quality.

It is particularly important to us that the design lines extend throughout the entire office, whether it's the executive floor, team offices, conference rooms, kitchen, or lounge area. Part of successful corporate communication is speaking the same (design) language, internally and externally, says Torben Wolter, one of our design experts. Whether with employees or customers.

We have combined elements from the GUBI collection with AUDO Copenhagen and FLOS in the lounge, complemented by the bar cabinet from MORE. The company on Neuer Wall in Hamburg is overjoyed – and relaxed.

Let's transform your office together into a space that is not only functional but also reflects your identity and values. Welcome back – to a work environment that inspires and motivates.